JELD-WEN Building Products Branding

The MiraTEC and Extira (JELD-WEN Building Products) brand update positioned the brands for success in a highly competitive market. Using a data-driven approach informed by in-house and 3rd-party field survey data, content points and visuals were developed that answered key consumer concerns.

The program was extensive and rolled out as materials were renewed for cost efficiency. Key touch-points included:

  • Brand standards
  • Unified product website (formerly multiple sites)
  • Updated print literature set

Roles and responsibilities:
Survey development, execution and data analysis; Creative direction; art direction; design development and execution

Service Finance Field Sales Kit

Service Finance is a B2B finance organization that requested consultation for a new field sales kit. The kit was designed as a leave-behind folder of concise materials that clearly outlined the benefits an in-house financing solution could offer businesses. A folder was chosen in order to allow flexible usage that could be customized when needed with rate sheets and new program offerings.

The basic kit included:

  • Custom branded presentation folder
  • Program overview brochure
  • Mobile app promotion sell sheet

In addition to the print kit, a digital kit for electronic distribution was also created.

Roles and responsibilities:
Creative direction, package design, copy writing, creative development and execution

Brand Transition

CobrandIn order to facilitate the Springleaf Financial and OneMain Financial merger, a plan for integration was developed including the cobrand lockup (above), a concise user guide for users to aid in explaining the interim brand, and an online portal to facilitate the distribution of new OneMain branded assets.

The primary goal of all materials was to incorporate clear guidance on everyday design issues. Decisions regarding standards were made thoughtfully, considering both brand goals and the practicality for end users.

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; design development and execution




Benefits Guide


The annual benefits guide was challenged to make employees feel good about their benefit options in a world where the cost of those benefits is steadily increasing by choosing uplifting lifestyle images and proving the content in a straightforward manner. Multiple versions of the guide were required to cover the variation in benefits for different company brand units. Additionally, as a cost savings and environmental decision, the guide was deployed as an electronic document only. Due to privacy constraints, only a sample of the guide is provided below.

Roles and responsibilities:
Art direction


“We’re Your Neighbor” Brand Awareness Campaign


In response to market research that determined the need for increase brand awareness in multiple markets, messaging was developed that focused on the fact that Springleaf was a part of local communities and also educated consumers about their options. The multichannel campaign included:

  • Cable advertising on national networks
  • Local Radio Spots
  • Outdoor Advertising
  • Newspaper Ads
  • High School Sponsorships

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; script writing; storyboard development; production management

AdCommunity Outdoor



Loan Doc Envelope

LoanDocThe Springleaf loan document envelope was developed as a packaging solution for the branch network. The closing paperwork that new accounts received had exceeded the capacity of the traditional trifold-size folder so a customer, large capacity envelope was designed.

The document envelope creative was designed to convey the core business value of customer commitment. Additionally, an invitation to participate in a customer satisfaction survey was added to capture data at a favorable point in the customer life cycle.

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; design development and execution

Go Paperless!


The Go Paperless! campaign was developed to support the business desire to build increased enrollment in paperless billing statements. The campaign was proposed and launched with a multi-channel approach educating customers about the benefits and ease-of-use of paperless billing. Messaging was added to monthly printed billing statements, direct mail touted the option of paperless as a customer benefit and a popup window advertising the program was placed in the online account management portal. Key employee groups were also educated on the program with provided support materials.

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; design development and execution


Best Operator: Las Vegas


The Best Operator Conference was an annual recognition and training conference. The materials were redesigned each year to reflect both the training focus and meeting location. Materials varied from year to year, but typically included:

  • Event signage
  • Session posters
  • Conference overview and maps
  • Optional event flyers


Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; design development and execution

Complimentary Calendars

Front Cover
Front Cover

The annual complimentary calendar has become one of the most popular pieces with Springleaf customers. Customers regularly write/call to compliment the design, often requesting more information on the images selected.

Selecting a brand-appropriate theme that a wide demographic range can enjoy can be difficult: customers come back to the branch year after year with certain expectations and the design must fulfill their needs. After all, why create a free calendar that no one wants? The purpose is a 12-month top-of-mind presence on their refrigerator.

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; design development and execution

Welcome Brochure

The welcome brochure was designed to and mailed to customers impacted by a large account transfer project.  The brochure was part of a package notifying the customer that their account had been transferred to Springleaf from another major lender. Details included their new account servicing options, Springleaf customer benefits, website overview and a quick-reference guide with contact information.


Roles and responsibilities:

Content development; art direction; design development and execution

Back in the Black


The Back in the Black event logo and support materials were designed to set the tone for a company celebration. Events were held at locations across the country – using the standard materials allowed each event to carry the same upscale tone. Materials included:

  • Event logo
  • Banners
  • Table top cards
  • Digital display imagery

Roles and responsibilities:
Art direction; design development and execution

Enrollment Kit


The Personal Loan Referral Program enrollment kit was developed to educate potential loan referral sources on program benefits and functions. The kits were so well received that I was requested to expand the creative to cover 5 business-to-business verticals with a total of 20 kit variations. Each folder contains:

  • Welcome letter
  • Program overview flyer (covers program benefits and support materials)
  • Enrollment form
  • Legal agreements and tax forms

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; design development and execution

New Customer Welcome


Welcome direct mail materials (printed and email versions) were developed to thank new customers for choosing Springleaf – recognizing that they have options in the marketplace – and to remind them of the benefits of being a Springleaf customer.

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; copywriting; design development and execution; html/css programming

Annual Catalog


The annual Bandshoppe Catalog was the company’s primary sales tool. Distributed twice each year, with different covers to keep the design fresh, the catalog showcased the range of product lines offered. Decisions about featured products were made based on sales data as well as the need to showcase possibilities in a business that catered to custom-design needs from many customers.

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; print layout design and execution; product design (dance wear, band uniforms, flag design); photography direction

Grow Your Green


The Grow Your Green Sweepstakes materials were developed to gain market visibility though online and direct mail promotion. Additionally, branches nationwide were provided with in-branch display materials to support the promotion. The promotional package design included:

  • Direct mail insert
  • Customer billing statement insert
  • Poster
  • Counter cards
  • Registration backboard and registration slips
  • Online sweepstakes take-home reminder
  • Sweepstakes entry front end design

Roles and responsibilities:
Concept development; art direction; design development and execution


Rock the LEAF


Rock the LEAF was an employee motivational campaign developed to launch the New Year. The campaign included a wide variety of media including:

  • Campaign logo
  • Posters
  • Meeting binder cover art
  • Welcome video
  • Annual activity recap video
  • T-shirt art
  • Meeting PowerPoint presentation template

RTL_MeetingMaterials RTL_Shirt

Link to video:

Roles & Responsibilities:
Art direction (logo)
art direction, design development and execution (all other pieces)